Top 5 Must Have Software For Every Windows PC


About 90 percent of computers systems are running on Microsoft Windows and it is most used operating system in the world. Probably you will also be running Windows OS in your computer system. This article is must read for every user of Windows PC.

If you recently bought a new Windows-based computers or about to buy then you should be aware about the software which should be installed in your Windows PC. These software are needed to help you day-to-day tasks on computer.

We have already researched some must have software for you which should be installed in your Windows PC. This list includes software for malware detection and removal, PDF reader, cloud storage, media player, file zip utility and some others. Everybody needs different set of software based on their needs. You may also want to install a video editing software, particular PC game, photo editing software or any other software.

But below are some of the best software which should be installed in every Windows-based computer system.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular and must have software for every Windows PC. Microsoft Office is also known as MS Office. MS Office is a bundled software developed by tech giant Microsoft. The package of Microsoft Office includes software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, MS Outlook and MS OneNote.

2. Antivirus
After buying a new computer or installing Microsoft Windows, protecting your system from malware attacks should be your top priority. Malwares can easily corrupt the data of any infected system so you need to take care of that.

3. Adobe Reader

Software you will use to open and read PDF files…

4. Web Browser

Most of the computer users browse internet on their computer. So their PC must be installed with a fast and stable web browser. You can choose between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browser.

5. Cleaner for your PC

CCleaner is software for effectively cleaning temporary files from system. It also scan and cleans junk registry from system. You can also configure startup items means you can stop or start any program on startup with CCleaner.